December Book Haul!!!!!

Hey guys! I recently got a new laptop to post which I’m super happy about because the last one was like 89778326543056032 years old hahahaha. Anyway,back to the books! I got a lot of books this month! I already read quite a few, which I will review after this post (:

After by Anna Todd

After We Collided by Anna Todd

After We Fell by Anna Todd

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Style by Lauren Conrad

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Tell me what you guys thought of these books, if you read them of course. I read the After series, and I will be reviewing them soon!




Wait For You by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review


Hey guys! I recently finished this wonderful book by Jennifer L Armentrout. This book is part of her adult series, which is called the Wait For You series. Wait For You focuses on Avery Morgansten who is trying to forget her past and move on with college. She meets Cameron Hamiltion, who is drop dead gorgeous, and her past may appear once again. Wait For You is the perfect book because it is a romance, comedy, and mystery all in one! It definitely keeps you on your toes when you try to figure out what happened to Avery in her past. Jennifer L Armentrout always delivers no matter what genre. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because I couldn’t put this book down. I recommend this book to anyone who loves new adult books.



Book Review- Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged by: Sarah J. Pepper


Hey guys! So I read this book awhile ago, but I haven’t had time to review it, so here I am reviewing it now! Sarah J. Pepper kindly sent me this book to review and I loved it. She has such a unique style of writing. She took Rapunzel to a whole new level and it was pretty amazing and bad ass. I literally read through this book in two days because I couldn’t put it down. There is so much suspense, it’s amazing! If you are a fan of spin off fairy tales, this book is for you. Sarah makes Rapunzel such a dare devil in this book and puts a twist on the original story itself. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was just that good! You guys need to pick it up ASAP!



October Book Haul!!!

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in awhile, but I finally found some time to post. I bought a lot of books in the month of October (or at least a lot of books for me in one month). I also received two books to review! The list will be down below (:

Books I Purchased:

First Love by: James Patterson

Asylum by:Madeleine Roux

Allegiant by: Veronica Roth

The Unwelcomed Child by: V.C. Andrews

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by: Neil Gaiman

The Madman’s Daughter by: Megan Shepard

The Kiss of Deception by: Mary E. Pearson

Books I Received:

Locks: Rapunzel Unhinged by: Sarah J. Pepper

Torn (Trylle #2) by: Amanda Hocking

I told you it was a pretty big book haul! I cannot wait to read and review all these amazing books. Please comment below if you liked or disliked any of these books.



Deep sighs……

Hey book nerds, I feel so bad I haven’t been posting that much lately. I’ve been so busy with cosmetology school I don’t have time to blog on my computer and read ): So should I tell you the bad news first or the good news…? Well, usually people want to know the bad news first, so here it goes.. I think I will only be able to post once a month ): I just have so many assignments it is hard to keep up with schoolwork and reading. The good news is I have a bunch of books I’ve read, so when I get the chance I will write reviews on them and post my TBR pile (: I will probably make those posts this weekend. I’m so sorry about this bad news, but I need to focus on school even though blogging is wayyyy better….. and I will try to blog as much as I can. I love all the support you guys are giving me. Love you guys



Review: Magic America by C.E. Medford


Hello fellow book bloggers! I received Magic America in the mail for review by the author. It has a quite interesting concept, and kept me quite interested. Magic America is about this girl Hope who is full of hope to travel across America. She lives in an interesting world of werewolves, angels, and fairy godmothers. I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because I love the paranormal aspects and how it took place in the 1980’s. I thought it was really cute. I also loved how Hope wanted to make it her own world. I would probably recommend this book to people who like magic realism. C.E. Medford hit that genre right on the dot. I like some magic realism, it just depends on how it is expressed throughout the novel. It was also pretty cool how all these different character impacted Hope’s life in some way. 



August Update

Before I have any updates for you guys HAPPY OPPOSTION DAY!! Jennifer Armentrout’s last book in her Lux series came out today, and I’m sure almost everybody knows that. The cover is just perfection!


I ordered my copy on Jennifer Armentrout’s website where she left a link to get a signed copy!!So of course I ordered it, but the bad news is they are just shipping it out August 8. Ughhh, so please no spoilers. I am quite sad this series is coming to an end because I just love Katy’s and Daemon’s relationship. Anyway, I am currently reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman and Wait For You by J. Lynn. It is hard reading two books, but I only have a week and a half until I’m back in school, so I’m trying to read as much as I can. I’m sure I will finish one of these books in 2-3 days, so I will have a review up then. I am also receiving a copy of Magic America by C.E. Medford to review, and I can’t wait!! Enjoy reading Opposition book bloggers!!



Review: The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau


I had to read this book for my summer reading book, and I am kind of disappointed by it. I give The Testing 3 out of 5 stars because it really isn’t that original. It has so many similarities to The Hunger Games that made me quite upset. In The Testing, students are chosen from each colony to participate in the testing and make it to the University to become a leader. The strong lead character, Cia, is more than happy when she finds out she made the testing. The Testing is constructed of 5 tests. First, actual paper tests, Second, hands on tests. Third, group activity to see if they get along and trust others. Fourth, survival. Lastly, an interview. I mean seriously when I got to the test where they have to survive in the bombed towns with traps I could not believe how much it reminded me of Katniss with her bow and arrow running away from deadly gases. Of course, I did enjoy the read but not as much as I thought I would. I would not recommend this book series to anyone unless you really like the survival to the fittest books that are exactly like the Hunger Games. Maybe one day I will finish the series, but I doubt it will be soon. I do not mean to sound completely negative about this book, it’s just I went into reading it with such high expectations that I got disappointed. There were some good parts in the book though, but it was more near the end that it got interesting. Otherwise it was quite slow in the first half of the book. Please comment below if you have read this series and your input on it.



July Wrap-Up

Hello fellow book nerds (: So in the month of July I read 8 books! It’s craziness. I finished the Selection series by Kiera Cass recently and I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it was interesting enough to keep reading, but the main character America got annoying at times with her boy drama. I also finished the Lux series by the great and wonderful Jennifer L. Armentrout, not including Opposition which I am waiting for to come in the mail. The Lux series I give 5 out of 5 stars because it was just pure perfection. Today, I finished my final book for my July wrap-up which is The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. I am going to review that quickly after I post this post. In the month of July, I also purchased quite a few books that are still coming in through the mail. I just received my copy of Wait for You by J Lynn in the mail today which I was quite excited about, and I had a little fan girl moment…


I am still waiting to get Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting, If I Stay by Gayle Forman, and Unhinged by A.G. Howard. I cannot believe July is basically already over, and I have to start school in two weeks. Why does summer have to end?



Review: The Selection and The Elite by Kiera Cass






Am I the only one who thinks this is exactly like The Bachelor only with royalty involved? I was quite hesitant to start this series, but I picked up all three books at my local library. I ended up reading both The Selection and The Elite in one day….. America Singer is part of caste five. In this society of Illea there are eight castes, with eight being the lowest of the low where they get paid basically nothing. Prince Maxon of Illea turned the appropriate age to find his future wife and princess, so The Selection began. America is in love with Aspen who is a caste six from her home town. When America gets the papers to sign up for the selection, Aspen encourages her to go knowing he could not give her the life she wants with him being such a low caste. 35 girls are selected to participate in trying to win over Prince Maxon’s heart. America could care less about this “stuck-up prince”, but she wants to stay as long as she can so her family can get more money and they can become a caste three. Before any of the girls can meet Prince Maxon, America ran into him the night before the big reveal of all the ladies. Since that first night, Prince Maxon only has eyes for America. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it was such a well written book and I expected it to be terrible when it was actually quite enjoyable. I am currently reading The One right now so please no spoilers!!! And seriously for the book bloggers that have read this series how can the rebels constantly break into the palace?!?! I mean it’s a palace there has to be a lot of guards! I always face palm when the say “Take cover the Rebels are here” I’m like seriously…kitteh-facepalm-o



I do highly recommend this series it is really great! I’ll be posting more reviews soon I promise.